Natural stone bracelet. Marble-like white Howlite together with shiny blue sandstone to achieve a modern and contemporary design. 

Material: natural Howlite stone, blue sandstone, S925 silver beads, elastic cord

Stone size: 10mm

Length: 15 cm / 16 cm / 17 cm

Leave me a message if you need other sizes.

Each gemstone bracelet packaged with a MAKE SOMETHING muslin bag.

Howlite and Sandstone Bracelet 10mm

SKU: BL618002BNW
    • Avoid light and heat.  Excessive heat and sudden temperature changes may fracture gemstones.
    • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals.  Exposure to chemical can damage or discolor precious metals - gold, silver and platinum - and may harm some natural gemstones.
    • Most gemstones can be cleaned with warm water, mild dish soap (no detergents) and a soft bursh.